Skid resistance


Skid resistance provides those responsible for road construction with indispensable and reliable information on how to reduce the risk of slipping. EN 1436 describes the test with the pendulum device. The SRT value simulates the behaviour of a vehicle with profiled tyres during a braking process with locked wheels at a speed of 50 km/h on a rain-soaked road surface.

This test is valid for flat road markings and road markings with low degree of texture. Road markings with high degree of texture or structured markings may not be suitable for measurement of skid resistance by this method. In addition, this test method is also used to test floor coverings and even football grounds.

SRT 5800

SRT 5800

Portable Skid Resistance Tester

Portable Skid Resistance Tester for determining slip resistance and friction (pendulum test value PTV) of road markings and all kind of flooring materials.