Wire-bar Applicator

ACC 586

General information

  • Applicator for preparing uniform films of coating materials, adhesives and similar products on flat and flexible substrates with ZAA 2300 / ZAA 2600 Automatic Film Applicator or for manual application
  • Especially suitable for flexible substrates e.g. paper, foils, cardboard, test charts, textiles, leather etc.; because small unevenness of the substrate will be levelled by the applicator
  • Several layers can be applied successively or close together
  • For very thin layers, e.g. on foils or paper
  • Easy to handle
  • Reliable results
  • Easy to clean

Standard delivery

  • 1 applicator


Wire-bar applicators with a film width of approx. 305 mm (12.01”)
Versions / AusführungenWet film thickness / NassschichtdickeDry coat weight at solids / Auftragsgewicht bei Feststoff
ACC586.02525 μm (0.98 mil)6.2512.5025.00
ACC586.05050 μm (1.97 mil)12.5025.0050.00
ACC586.07575 μm (2.95 mil)18.7537.5075.00
ACC586.100100 μm (3.94 mil)25.0050.00100.00
ACC586.125125 μm (4.92 mil)31.2562.50125.00
ACC586.150150 μm (5.91 mil)37.5075.00150.00
ACC586.175175 μm (6.89 mil)43.7587.50175.00
ACC586.200200 μm (7.87 mil)50.00100.00200.00
ACC586.250250 μm (9.84 mil)62.50125.00250.00
* g/m² where the calculations assume a coating density of 1 g/cm³. Actual transfer rates are affected by coating rheology. / g/m² bei Beschichtungsdichte 1 g/cm³ als Berechnungsgrundlage. Die Rheologie beeinträchtigt die effektive Nassschichtdicke.