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Gloss is an optical characteristic of surfaces that reflects light. It contributes significantly to their visual appearance. As a sensory impression, gloss can be perceived very differently from person to person, which is why the degree of gloss is determined by measurement. For years, we have been a leading supplier of top-class gloss meter.


trend-tech synergie gmbh offers a comprehensive and continuously supplemented range of physical measuring instruments and testing devices for various areas, such as application, fineness of grind, layer thickness, adhesive strength and ductility, resistance, corrosion, etc.. In addition to precision, the main value lies in simple, fast and reliable handling.


The measurable night visibility of road markings as well as traffic signs has a significant influence on road safety. It is therefore essential that these are checked, maintained and replaced if necessary. Our devices provide an important and reliable basis for decision-making.


To perfectly complete our customer needs, we offer individually developed software products for the operation and evaluation of our measuring devices (Mapping Tools, Retro Tools, Gloss Tools). In addition, you will find stand-alone software products such as the road marking app for iPhone and iPad.


For our electronic and physical measuring instruments and test equipment, we also offer the product calibrations specified in the standards and by the manufacturer, as well as repairs as a certified Service & Repair Center. Even for older product versions, we can thus guarantee a long service life and measurement reliability. Even for older product versions, we can thus guarantee a long service life and measurement reliability.

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Our range also includes little-used demonstration units as well as fully functional, serviced second-hand units from all product areas. A cost-effective alternative to new equipment. Furthermore, you will also find products from older series which are no longer being produced due to a generation change.

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Your partner for high-quality, electronic and physical precision measuring instruments for quality control and testing of surfaces. Whether it is optical properties such as gloss, physical properties of coating materials and similar products, or visibility of safety-relevant equipment on our roads – such as road markings or traffic signs. We are your partner for individual, fast and exact product solutions. An experienced team, technical know-how and intelligent software make us a strong partner for your individual requirements.

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It is gratifying that the well-established Zehntner brand became part of proceq / Screening Eagle in 2018. Zehntner Testing Instruments (Swiss Quality Products), known as a leading manufacturer of retroreflectometers, gloss meters and other surface inspection products, thus gains a strong partner in the field of research and development. Proceq’s comprehensive inspection solutions combine intuitive software and powerful wearable sensors to provide reliable data for decision-making in construction, maintenance, and more. This means that an even wider range of solutions is available to our customers.

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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

A glossmeter is an instrument used to measure the specular reflection (gloss) of a surface. Gloss is determined by projecting a beam of light at a certain intensity and angle onto a surface and measuring the amount of reflected light at an equal but opposite angle. Common angles (called geometries) are 20°, 60° and 85°.

Measurements with different measuring geometries cannot be compared with each other or converted from one geometry to another. As a rule, the measurement geometry is specified by the applicable standard. If no explicit measurement geometry is prescribed, the following orientation aids can be applied. The automotive industry usually uses the 60° geometry. Due to the reflective properties of metals, it is recommended to first measure them under all measurement geometries in order to determine the most suitable geometry. However, as a general rule, 20° for high gloss, 60° for medium gloss and 85° for matt gloss. More detailed information can be found in our detailed information for gloss

If the surface to be measured is not flat, some points must be taken into account: Only measurements taken on surfaces of exactly the same shape can be compared. Therefore, a suitable holder for the specimen and measuring device should be provided to ensure that the same measuring position is always found on the test specimens.

The measurement results are not absolute gloss values and cannot be directly compared with measurements on flat surfaces of the same structure. Therefore, separate limit values must be defined for each measuring position on the component. It is also advisable to use a glossmeter with a small measuring and contact area, as this can be optimally positioned. The ZG 8000 is the best-selling glossmeter for measuring curved and difficult-to-reach surfaces.

We recommend sending measuring devices to us for maintenance and calibration at least every 24 months. However, if the measuring devices are used in harsh environmental conditions or dusty environments, any measuring device that achieves deviations from the working standard should also be sent to us for inspection and calibration ahead of time.

Please allow approximately one week for maintenance and calibration after receipt of the measuring device. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Basically, you do not need an appointment for maintenance and calibration. The measuring device can be sent to our testing laboratory at any time and will be completed within one week. For additional repairs, longer running times may occur. However, we will inform you about this after the measuring device arrives.

If you already have an existing measuring device, we offer a trade-in bonus offer on new devices. You can find our current promotions here.

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If you already have an existing measuring device, we offer a trade-in bonus on new devices for this.


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