ZRM 6014

Retroreflectometer RL/Qd

ZRM 6014

General information

  • Portable handheld top class retroreflectometer for determination of night visibility (RL) and day visibility (Qd) for all types of road markings as well as ambient temperature (°C/°F) and relative humidity (rH %) combined in one compact instrument
  • 5.7“ high resolution colour touchscreen with excellent visibility under all lighting conditions
  • Fold-away telescopic handle and wheels for the first time included in the standard delivery of a retrometer for easy field and laboratory operation
  • Ultrafast retroreflection measurement (RL and Qd) in about 2 seconds
  • Innovative options to customize the reflectometer to personal requirements such as integrated 5-megapixel camera, WAAS GPS-unit, compass and level-meter and various printer versions
  • The ZRM 6014 Retroreflectometer is in accordance with EN 1436 (RL/Qd), ASTM E1710 (RL), ASTM E2302 (Qd), ASTM E2177 (RL wet)
  • Factory calibration traceable to the independent Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology METAS
  • Approved by the accredited association StrAus-Zert, Germany (test No. 0913-2010-06)

Standard delivery

  • 1 battery operated retroreflectometer with 5.7″ colour touch-screen, extendable fold-away handle and fixed mounted wheels
  • 1 calibration standard
  • 1 universal battery charger (100 V to 240 V, 50 HZ to 60 Hz)
  • 1 mapping and data analysis software “MappingTools”
  • 1 USB-cable for data transfer to computer
  • 1 instruction manual
  • 1 quick guide
  • 1 certificate of manufacturer
  • 1 certificate of calibration
  • 1 carrying case with wheels

Product standards

  • ASTM E1710
  • ASTM E2177
  • ASTM E2302
  • EN 1436

Application standards

  • EN 13197

General basic principle standards

  • CIE 54.2


ZRM 6014 PROwith WAAS GPS unit / mit WAAS GPS-Modul
ZRM 6014 ADVANCEDwith integrated 5-megapixel camera, compass and level-meter, WAAS GPS unit, built-in thermal printer / mit WAAS GPS-Modul, 5-Megapixel-Kamera, Kompass und Neigungsmesser, eingebauter Thermodrucker